1. The Greene County Fair begins on Labor Day and runs through the fallowing Saturday.
2. The Fair Association is NOT Liable for the loss,damage,or injury to any exhibit or animal during the fair.
3. No roving vendors or solicitors, acting for either a profit or nonprofit organization or on his/her own behalf shall be permitted on the Greene County Fairgrounds for the pupose of vending food and soft drinks or selling anything for the benefit of partrons attending scheduled events therein. All solicitations for contributions must be made within the confines of the or display unless oyherwise exempted by this regulation.
4.  Prize money will be paid only items listed in this catalog.
5. All checks may be picked up at the Fair Office Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00p.m. Checks not called for are mailed the week following the fair.
6. Competition is only Open to bona fide residents of Greene County. Classes are divided into Junior and Senior/Open Divisions and no entry may be shown in two divisions. (No animal or entry can be shown in both Junior and Senior/Open Divisions.) With the exception of the Pen of Thee Steer class.
7. PROTEST- All protest must be in writing. Such protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint and must be delivered ton the Division Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent either prior to judgingb or within two hours after the conclusion of the dvisional judging. Any protest as to the eligibility on account of age,breeding,or ownershiip of animal must be filed with the Division Superintendent oe Assistant Superintendent  prior to the dayb on which they are to be judged. Judging procedures will be interrupted for protest investigations;and depending on the basis of the protest, a decision may be withheld untill a thotough investigation is completed by the Greene County Fair Board whose decision shall be final. In aaddition on the right to protest herin granted to an exhibitor, the Greene County Fair Board reserves the right to take observance of fraud made or  attemted in connection with  any exhibit, and take such action as may be deemed just and proper,and as may be warranted in these circumstances. No protest based upon the statement that the judges or judge are incompetent will be considered. All questions in dispute or difference not covered by these rules will be referred to the Greene County Fair Board whose dicision will be final.
8. Ther shall be absoulutely no alcoholic beverages allowed to be sold, bartered, possessed or consumed on the Greene County Fairgrounds at any time during the fair activities. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule shall be removed from the fairgrounds and prohibited from returing to the fairgrounds during the remaining fair activities.
9. All materials deemed offensive or obcene will not be allowed.
10. No unauthorized animals allowed on the grounds.